vital | flows

We exist within a set of rules about the value of knowledge - a hierarchy of knowledge that places quantified data at the top and the 'lower' senses at the bottom. The neglect of other forms of knowledge - aesthetic, embodied, cultural and more - has created a void in our socio-political and environmental relations that has been filled by emotive, populist rhetoric that undermines the validity of the knowledge we have. Post-truth practices are answering a gap that arises from our reliance on cognitive knowledge as the main valid form of knowledge - including datafication of everything - particularly in politics.

Vital | Flows is an answer to the question of post-truth. It is an exploration of transdisciplinary practice as a route to more integrated relationships between the self and other.

The theme of this exploration is food - as an embodiment of our diffuse boundaries, of the transmutation of matter, of changing aesthetics, of social interaction, of power, accessibility, equality, agency.

Flows comprises responses by the artist to undertaking the processes and protocols laid out in Vital.

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